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We at inter-church are a non-denominational church, the message the Lord gives to us to share with the world is a message of love to make sure that people hearts yielded to His will. Which is to leave a righteous life on earth and be ready for the coming of our Lord and saviour. We propagate this message by showing love to our community and invite everyone to be a partaker in the mission of sharing the gospel and helpin each other in different challenges each may encounter on the way.
We are a church that welcomes everyone and believes that Christ died for each and all of us therefore the salvation of individuals is our paramount. We believe in sharing the love of Christ throughout the world but this starts from our neighborhood wherever a branch of inter-church exists.
We believe in praying to God and in doing so lift up a prayer request of one another. It is our great desire to be holy as our Lord Jesus is holy.
We proclaim the righteousness of God through his wonderful love displayed by sending his only begotten son. (John 3:16)
For God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son so that anyone who believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
You are always welcome to worship and fellowship with us and we pray that all of us have eternal life.

Rev Eammanuel Joshua

Residence Minister

Pastor Korede

Pastor Korede Joshua

Residence Pastor

Mr Olaoluwa Anthony Moronkeji

Pastor Olaoluwa A Moronkeji


Adewale John

Pastor Adewale John Amao


Mr Ife Ajayi

Member of the Church Trustee

Pastor Nathaniel Adebusuyi

Pastor (DR.) Nathaniel Adebusuyi


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Member of the Church Trustee


Rev. Dimola Joshua


Inter-Church Revival Mission

I want to welcome you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ our saviour to Inter-Church Revival Mission. This is the platform that has been created as a means of launching a campaign for the worldwide establishment of the principles and doctrine of righteousness which is not very fashionable again in the body of Christ today and in the world at large as a result of the imminence of the end of the age and the coming of our Lord Jesus as He has said beforehand. However, as God has given us an open door to speak the word of life and grace to every soul in making them to be aware of the need for having a life that is fitted for the kingdom of Righteousness where God is the builder and the maker, we are not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation (Romans 1:16). Primarily, this is a Nondenominational Christian Fellowship in the atmosphere of Love, Joy, Peace, and Oneness geared towards promoting the growth of the body of Christ through each member, and mature as an aspirant of Righteousness anywhere, anytime. As God has been helping us in Nigeria, we believe that the same will be done wherever we have the sole of our feet to tread upon in a tremendous way.

More so, we believe that there is tremendous power available in prayer as we fellowship together because our fellowship is with the Father and with Jesus the Son. 

May you be greatly blessed as you fellowship with us and joining the company of those who seek after Righteousness and pursue it with their whole life”. In His grip

Calling All Christ people! at the feet of the Lord. To worship and study the word of God together.