Resurrection Day

Resurrection Day Resurrection day, a great day at which The Messiah (Jesus Christ) was transformed from mortal to immortal, from corruptible beings to incorruptible beings, from flesh to spirit. This great day symbolises a very significant day in the lifetime of Jesus Christ and the Christian, resurrection is very essential which must be fulfilled in […]


WALKING WITH GOD TEXT: Mic 6:8 * Walking with God is having a consistent movement in God’s ways, will, word and wisdom. * To walk with God we have to understand the following P’S God’s plan: To consistently work with God one must understand the plan of God. There is a plan God has for […]


FRUITFULNESS IS A MANDATE In the original plan and purpose of God, every creature under the heavens was given the sole mandate of FRUITFULNESS and MULTIPLICATION. From the book of Genesis Chapter 1 verse 28, the mandate has been given and God expects this to be carried out in every area of our life. This […]


ADAM: THE FIRST MAN Understanding the person of Adam as the FIRST man is worthy of note for every believer in the entire globe regardless of race, tribe, or skin colour. Adam is known to be the pioneer of the human race and therefore, without any controversy, we all come from this source. He is […]

Jesus The Hope Of Glory


The title above is crucial to the comfort of any believer who have the assurance that a day is coming when the long-awaited glory of his/ her journey on earth will be crowned.

The Importance of Salvation

But as many as received Him, to them gave Her power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name.

Life Without Christ Is Crisis

Life Without Christ Is Crisis

This is a common slogan we hear. Preachers of the Word use it to tell the peril of a life without Christ in it.

Who is Christ and what is crisis?

No Lasting Joy Without God

No Lasting Joy Without God

Joy is one word that gives the heart of men hope and excitement. It is what everyone wants. People are willing to pay the price to get it.

Bible And COVID-19

Bible And COVID-19

it’s a wonderful privilege to write briefly on the biblical perspective on covid-19.