TEXT: Mic 6:8

* Walking with God is having a consistent movement in God’s ways, will, word and wisdom.

* To walk with God we have to understand the following P’S

  1. God’s plan: To consistently work with God one must understand the plan of God. There is a plan God has for man and the understanding of God’s plan for one’s life makes you walk accordingly with God.
  2. God’s path: walking with God requires man to walk in the path of God i.e walking on the same road with God, following the same footstep as that of God’s.
  3. God’s pattern: we are expected to walk in the pattern that God has laid for all men. And the pattern which God has ordained for man is Holiness, Righteousness, and Truth.
  4. God’s purpose: Rom8:28 We have all been created for a purpose and to walk with God we are expected to walk in God’s purpose. We are expected to ask God before doing anything in life so that we will be doing the things he expects of us.
  5. God’s passion: To walk with God, we have to walk in his passion. We are to love what He loves and hate whatsoever He hates.

* Blessings associated with walking with God

  1. God’s presence: The presence of the Lord will be with whosoever walk with Him.
  2. God’s Provision: Any man that works with God will never lack any good thing.
  3. God’s Peace: A man that walks with God will never know conflict because Christ is the Prince of Peace.
  4. God’s Protection: God’s presence will definitely provide divine protection for such a person.
  5. Procreation: A man that walks with God will never be barren but to multiply. Gen 1:28.

Note: Walking with God encompasses unlimited blessings. Therefore friends walk in God’s way and do not derail.

God bless you.