The Manifestation of the Holy Spirit in the Early Church

Text: Act 1:4-8

The comforter whom Christ promised his disciples, who started the Early Church to replace His presence when He resurrects was the Holy Spirit to enable them to perform the task set before them. (John 14:26)

Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity (God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit) meant to advocate, intercede, and guide the Christians (Christ’s like).

In Act 1:4, Christ appeared to His disciples (Post Resurrection) for the fulfillment and manifestation of the Holy Spirit He had promised them. It was presented that the Holy Spirit would be a “life principle” of the Early Church. The arrival of the Holy Spirit happened about Fifty days after the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and was manifested in the Christendom in the day of Pentecost.

The disciples had gathered in one Accord, praying and hoping for the fulfillment and manifestation of the Holy Spirit, suddenly the heaven opened and they were especially filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in foreign languages (speaking in tongues) as the Spirit enabled them. Some thought they were drunk of new wine, while some of the foreigners heard their language being spoken by Galileans and we’re amazed. It’s therefore known that there is no mention of interpretation of tongues but the hearer clearly understood in their own language.

Then Peter stood up and preached (prophesied) to the people boldly, courageously and authoritatively (because the Holy Spirit has come upon him) and which results in many conversion.

The Manifestation of the Holy Spirit made the disciples and the people believe more and have strong faith in Jesus Christ. And it helped them to promote love, unity, care, and spreading the Good news (gospel).

The Miraculous Manifestation of the Holy Spirit

There’s no doubt that the Early Church experienced the Holy Spirit in a real and supernatural way. The Apostles, in particular, performed many miracles through Spiritual Gift such as Prophecy, Tongues, Message of Wisdom, Message of Knowledge, Faith, Distinguishing between Spirit, Miraculous Power, Interpretation of Tongues, of which they received as a result of the Manifestation of the Holy Spirit.
  • Holy Spirit Reveals (1 Cor 2:10): Holy Spirit reveals hidden or secret things and it also reveals deep things that are yet to be known. Peter said unto Ananias, how could you have lied before the Holy Spirit (Act5:3). Because the Holy Spirit had revealed everything unto Peter.
  • Holy Spirit Revives: The disciples had much fear in their hearts, but when they received the Holy Spirit, they were revived and began to fulfill mandates.(Act 2:14 ; 4:31)
  • Holy Spirit Redeem: The manifestation of the Holy Spirit Redeem lives and brings transformation to every area of one’s life. (Act 9:7)
  • Holy Spirit Restore: Holy Spirit Restore life, peace, health. In Act 4: 8-22, Peter restore a life of an impotent man and was made whole of his sickness through the power of the Holy Spirit.
How the Early Church received the Holy Spirit.
  • Through total submission to God: They submitted their heart in humility and in expectation of receiving the power of the Holy Spirit and it came down upon them.
  • Through baptism ( Act 8:36): For as many that were baptised, received the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Laying hand upon them, according to Act 8:17
  • Through Faith.
  • Fasting and Prayers: Without fasting and prayer, we cannot are God.