God's Divine Plan For Humanity

Genesis: 26-31

God has predestined a man’s life from the beginning and that was why he said’… Let us make man in our image…’ God’s plan for humanity was to make manlike his own being to cater to the earth and to be responsible for the earth and that was why he handed everything over to the first man (Adam) to cater for it. Although God had plans for humanity because we are made in His likeness we were created with free will which was the cause of the fall of man in Gen 3:1-7. But as born again Christians, we have been born into the image of Christ and we are expected to return to the original divine plan of God for humanity. God’s divine plan was for man to be in His image and Likeness which means the following;

  1. Man was created as God is. But for him to still be God he made us a little lower than Himself. But in all manner, there is a resemblance.Ps82:6 
  2. Man and God are possessors soft he same character, habit, and attitude: We are to understand that as humans the plan of God is for us to behave, react and communicate as He will. God made us to have His own thought in us and that was why he handed everything another thing into the hands of man because he had planned that we think the way He thinks. 
  3. The relationship between man and God should be one: The divine plan of God isn’t for man to be on his or her own, but for us to have a cordial relationship with Him. He expects that we should be able to represent him in all places. He had planned that His whole senses be found in manal so, such that the it understanding of things be the same. For example,  a husband and wife relationship that has divine love in it, one will notice that over time the reactions, responses will be alike. Even sometimes they lookalike. That is the planned relationship God had for humanity. He didn’t plan for any disunity between them a tall. 
  4. Man is to be fruitful as God is fruitful: Gen1:28 The plan increasing man was for us to be fruitful and multiply. Because wear e the fruit of God, then we’re expected to be fruitful. God didn’t just create us to be a living being without reproducing. It’s not just about giving birth but reproducing the things, because that was why God told Adam to tend for the things God had put in the garden. As a man we are to know that anything we layout hand upon must multiply and when things happen that way, then we are fulfilling His divine plan. Also, we need to note that a successful man without a successor is a wasted success. Always reproduce, God had made man to live a life that recreates not desolate and.
  5. Man has been planned to Dominate: Gen1:26. God’s divine plan for us is for us to Dominate over all things on Earth, in these a and all places. Therefore, we are not expected to be under the control of anything again. We have been given to take over everything God has created and that was why Christ could still the water, he could command the fish to bring out a coin. We have been given the power to have dominion over all things. So, we are to note that we are not
    subject to anything in this world including the Devil.
    6. Man has been planned with an abundance of all things: God never plans for man to lack anything. He has provided everything needed for humanity. Therefore we are to note that God’s
    plan isn’t for us to remain in poverty. Christianity isn’t poverty but living in abundance. God had put everything man needed in the garden before creating man. All the needs of man had been catered for.
    7. Man has been planned to be perfect as God is perfect: God had planned divine perfection for humanity. We are not expected to be imperfect because we were made in His image and likeness.

Note: The fall of the first man had put a boundary to this plan of God for humanity and only
those who have confessed Christ as their Lord and Savior and has totally surrender the old nature and have up ton the new nature can be able to live in this divine plan

Remain Blessed.