Bible And COVID-19

Hi, it’s a wonderful privilege to write briefly on the biblical perspective on covid-19. I believe strongly that this might not really be a very special post as it were. However, I think we need to understand that there is nothing that goes on here without the for knowledge of God because He rules in the midst of his people supremely.

There is nothing in this side of eternity that’s oblivion to the Bible or that the Bible has no answer to give or say about it. By the way, covid-19 as medical practitioners defines it simply means Coronavirus disease as discovered in the year 2019. Its a pandemic that has become so popular across the globe with the shutdown campaign all over the social, political,

economic, cultural, as well as the religious sphere. This, therefore, bring to the limelight why the Church needs to understand the standpoint of God through the Bible on matters of national and global issue. Even though, it seems like the darkness of this pandemic is prevailing but the dazzling brightness of the word of God will shine amidst this infectious disease and the societal upheaval. This is the time the Church must rise and shine the light of love of calvary to the dying world of sin.

Also, Biblical judgments are against specific sins and sinners. Thus, these diseases was not caused by sin. Nor are those who are afflicted with it more sinful than the rest of us. In this sense, there is a biblical illustration on the coronavirus as we can see from the book of Jonah.

The rise of a Polly on in the world today in the form of covid-19 is a signal to every believer that the Church has gone to sleep and slip off the track. A deviation from the platform of God by the prophet is going to tarshish actually stirred the storm on the sea which the mariners, despite their expertise, could not prevail over it. Just the same way the medical personnel are working but yet to have a solution to the pandemic.

Jonah: an illustrative figure

Jonah’s experience shows that the prescription for combating corona virus is actually Biblical. And this can be inferred from some of the manifestations that we can see from the book of Jonah chapter 1.

Social Distance

Social distancing that has been prescribed as a means of preventing the spread of this virus was what the mariners did to Jonah by casting him into the sea in a manner of being away from the rest of the people that boarded the same ship with Jonah. This was done as a way of stopping the raging waves of the sea. This shows that scripture has figuratively spoken about this before the advent of covid-19 pandemic. The havoc recked by Jonah was limited when the social distancing was observed.

Self Isolation:

Self isolation as we have seen in the reaction of Jonah and the mariners. Immediately Jonah was cast into the sea, God took him straight to the isolation centre which is the belly of a great fish prepared by God to swallowed prophet Jonah. Jonah 1:15,17. He was in the belly of the fish for three days. Never forget the levitical principles which allowed for 7 days of isolation, then after observation another 7 days of reexamination; which automatically summed up to 14 days of determining the spread of covid-19. Therefore, from these few submission, it can be vividly established that the preciousness and greatness of the mysteries of the scriptures are relevant to all circumstances and conditions in all ages both the past, present and the future.

On the final note, we must understand that as Jonah was coming out of the isolation centre;  there was an outbreak of the great revival in the whole of the city of Nineveh that great city- an wholistic repentance of the city. This is an indication that as we believers in the Lord are conscious of the heavenly time lines of the events around us; we need to know that the demise of covid-19 will result to a global reawakening and revival of righteousness with many returning to God truly from their heart like the men of Nineveh even as we herald the message of Christ to them. May this pandemic achieve the purpose of heaven in building love for others and passion for the word of God. May we be secured in this period and may the love of Christ to others grow mightily in our midst. Amen.

Stay blessed 

Stay safe